NEO / Neo Resistance Quartetto (1st CD)

¥ 2,700




1.The Daybreak 革命の夜明け
2.Maelstrom of Berlin 激動のベルリン
3.Rocky Medley
4.Love Letter from the Battlefield 戦場からの恋文
5.Carrying you 君をのせて
6.The Gate
8.Waltz of Bologna
9.Neo Resistance
10.Black or White/Smooth Criminal

1,2,4,6,7,8,9 Composed by Tempei Nakamura
3,5,10 Arranged by Tempei Nakamura

【Neo Resistance Quartetto】
Piano&Compose : Tempei Nakamura 中村天平
Violin : Yui
Cello : Toshiyuki Muranaka 村中俊之
Drums : Maoki Yamamoto 山本真央樹