NEO / Neo Resistance Quartetto (1st CD)

1.The Daybreak 革命の夜明け
2.Maelstrom of Berlin 激動のベルリン
3.Rocky Medley
4.Love Letter from the Battlefield 戦場からの恋文
5.Carrying you 君をのせて
6.The Gate
8.Waltz of Bologna
9.Neo Resistance
10.Black or White/Smooth Criminal

1,2,4,6,7,8,9 Composed by Tempei Nakamura
3,5,10 Arranged by Tempei Nakamura

【Neo Resistance Quartetto】
Piano&Compose : Tempei Nakamura 中村天平
Violin : Yui
Cello : Toshiyuki Muranaka 村中俊之
Drums : Maoki Yamamoto 山本真央樹

NEO / Neo Resistance Quartetto (1st CD)

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